About Us

bi socialBi Social News is the first interactive bisexual Blog for today’s bisexual. Find all the latest information on social, entertainment and political scenes. We are particularly focusing on bisexual men, women, teens and social issues surrounding the myths of bisexuality in the gay, lesbian and straight communities.

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To provide a voice of social, entertainment, news and advocacy for the bisexual community by incorporating the talents of many; into a diverse yet global voice; with one voice and many causes we hope to be the inspiration of change for the bisexual community — where myths are explored and truths rings forth.

Bi Social News wants to be a prominent voice of diversity and advocacy — for the bisexual community. Educating others in the gay, lesbian, and straight communities, that bisexuality does exist, in both men and women, and helping others empower themselves and have high self-esteem. Through partnerships, we also aim to be a driving force for charity work on a national and international scale.

Our goals is to entertain, enlighten, mentor, share, report stories around the globe — that will inspire others to be there true selves.



  • To provide a platform for the ideals and thoughts of the bisexual community to be voiced.
  • To advocate the voices and challenges of the bisexual community.
  • To aid and nurture the many talents of our community.
  • To give back to our communities by hosting charity events locally and nationality.
  • To provide a save place for anyone with a drive to create positive change in the community regardless of sexual orientation, gender, age, or ethnicity.