Bringing Back the ‘B’ in LGBT

Voice your opinion on changing up the “B” in LGBT to BLGT — Do you agree?

PrintAs we move forward with celebrating our bisexual selves, I begain to noticed that every year gay and lesbian media (print and online) change up the “L” for lesbian and “G” for gay, why? Do they feel they want to be top dog? Do they feel they are NOT being represented? Clearly, this is not the case, as there are hundreds upon hundreds of sites dedicated to gay and lesbian freedom – as it should – but some continue to not even mention bisexual or transgender on there very site, column or title.

We also have to come to grip, that all things are not equal in the land of rights for all in the LGBT community; in fact, I continuously try to find content regarding bisexual and transsexuals news – though transsexuals are getting more airtime of late – which we say “about time!”

This is why we have decided – being a bisexual and an activist, about all things bisexual — I’m a Bisexualist.  We are going to only use the coin phase for things LGBT to BTLG or BLGT. We have to understand this is needed to make a point, that we still have a long way to go regarding the separation of our community.

I live in Chicago and all too well, we see gays and lesbians not mixing, or sad to say white gays and black and Latino gays in different circles? Nani? (Japanese for What!) So, we at BSN are giving the bisexuals time on the top of the community! Google and Bing take note! We are now using BTLG for (Bisexual, Transsexual, Lesbian and Gay) content. We feel we must state this cause until more content is free flowing thought-out our community!

What are your thoughts on these issues? Will you come join us? We hope so! Do you think we are being to sensitive? Voice your opinion and comment on our site! We love positive and negative feedback, as long as it’s respectful.