Got Bisexual Bars?

So as I go out and look for ways to socialize, I realise that there is nothing made for me — yes, I can go to a straight bar and mingle, or head to my local gay bar, one  block from my house — but I find something missing, someone like me!

I’m not lesbian, I’m not gay – but there are no bisexual bars that we can feel at home. Gay men can go out and find someone like them, and feel some sense of calm. Lesbians can go to their local lipstick, sports bar or everything in between and get their groove on and find that special person.

Where can a bisexual go?

Valentine’s Day: A Personal Reflection!

new yearAs folks are getting ready to get down and funky with their loved ones, lovers and hookups…I thought, I would find the perfect video to share with our readers—the love I have for this holiday i.e., Valentine’s Day.

Because I hate this holiday more than life itself, what better way to share my single lady viewpoint via video! Enjoy this day, if you are coupled up or single!

Singles, go out there and share with the world all your joy and brilliance that makes you, you!

Now go out there and get business with it, with your fine selves!

Couples, go forth and be safe!

Bisexuals Used as Scapegoat in Pro 8. California Case

bisexuals monogomousThe bisexual community can’t seem to catch a break in the year of  “blame bisexuals,” for all BLGT woes, as misleading testimony has been entered in trial of Perry v. Schwarzeneggeron Proposition 8—regarding bisexuals, possibility of being the cause for the threat to heterosexual marriage.

In court documents,“claimed that the evidence would show that Prop. 8 prevents a number of related harms because allowing same-sex couples to marry allegedly would: ….(4) “Increase the social acceptability of other alternative forms of intimate relationships, such as polyamory and polygamy”;

(5) Increase the likelihood that the recognition as marriages of other alternative forms of intimate relationships, such as polyamory and polygamy, will become a judicially enforceable legal entitlement…”

Facts: Are Bisexuals Polygamous in Nature?

No! In fact, having a polyamory lifestyle has nothing to do with being bisexual. Let’s find out what bisexual and polyamory really means! states that polyamory means, “participation in multiple and simultaneous loving or sexual relationships.” Which means, that heterosexual couples (married or not) could also be polyamorous. In fact, many straight couples are living the polygamous life style.

Now, also states the word ‘bisexual’ means, “sexually responsive to both sexes; ambisexual.” No were in this define group of words does it say, ‘group sex?’

In fact, It clearly states, [bisexuals] are attracted to both sexes—not together, not in a group or threesome—in clear terms, they like both sexes, period.

Why Do Straight and Gay Groups Alike, Confuse the Two Meanings?

To be clear, a lot of misinformation regarding bisexuals as a whole is out there, because straight, lesbians and gay groups do not understand how someone can be attracted to both sexes. It’s no difference than straights not understanding why gays and lesbians are attracted to same-sex parings. It’s called double standards or simple put, hypocritical at best.

Until both groups, heterosexual, and homosexuals come to the realization that everyone has a part to play in discrimination and acceptance of all groups. It’ll make your fight a little easier down the road, if the bisexual are accepted at face value, meaning we are real. If not, rights for all will be a long and painful process.

What is BSN’s Position on Pro 8?

Bi Social News (BSN) stands clear that we support rights to marry for all, but we also recognize that bisexuals everywhere have problems on both sides of the aisle. As a media outlet, will make no bones about exposing who they are—straight, gay or in between. If you want rights for yourself, figure out a way to be open to the rest of humanity and perhaps one day, the sea will part!

Stamping out Biphobia One ‘Bi Rant’ Article at a Time

female-gay-couplesChicago—Living in Chicago, seeing division is an everyday life occurrence. If you are straight, you only go to straight bars or events. If you’re gay, you only go to gay bars and events. If you’re lesbian, you only go to women only bars and events, and if you’re a gay or lesbian, bisexual or transgender, who happens to be of color—you might only go to a place that has people of color at the event.

Round-and-around, we continue to want to separate ourselves to people like us—but is it a good thing? That’s a debate the BLGT community is starting to have. From black bisexual baseball players that just want to eh, play some ball. To bisexuals on the internet; speaking out on fitting into the gay and lesbian community, or not—and to the ‘new bisexual’ topics cropping up all over gay and lesbian publications? What’s going on that our own community is attacking the bisexual community who want to be seen, like everyone else?

What is the New Bisexual?
After just having a radio show talking about baseball and heckling the President of the United States, I wanted to relax at my favorite local restaurant (Heartland Café) and read the current BLGT publication of Chicago Free Press (CFP). As I often do, I like to check out what’s happening in our community, see if there’s any bisexual article, which mostly is far and few between, but low and behold there’s one called “The new bisexuals,” by my not to favorite opinion columnist Jennifer Vanasco. Every time I read anything dealing with bisexuality from her, she goes on topic of “bar bisexual,” or anything of that area when speaking to lesbians—about what it means to be a true bisexual, if at all

I wonder if those self-identifying girls call themselves bisexual because they’re actually attracted to women or because they think it’s sexier—and cooler—to calling  themselves bisexual and occasionally kiss girls for show.

What Does Biphobia Look Like?
This is straight from “Bisexual Resources Center, a great bisexual activist non-profit telling it like it is.

…”Thinking that people identify as bisexual because it ‘trendy.”

Now, the funny thing is is that this article was supposedly trying to get lesbians to see our point-of-view. Well, at the end of it, I found what Vanasco was trying to say, right at the last paragraph.

But what I do know is that: The LGBT community hasn’t always been great about welcoming and reaching out to and understanding supporting bisexuals. But if we want this flood of young women to support us, this has got to change. — Jennifer Vanasco

See my point? Vanasco doesn’t even understand that this very article is biphobic in the worse way. New bisexuals are just being “trendy. ’It talks all about ‘new bisexuals’ as if they are cropping out from the ground and becoming band new babies the BLGT community can love and take into the fold. You know, I now see you, that you might be real, just oh, a bit misguided and need help from the gay and lesbian community to set you on the right path. What the Fuck!

Vanasco listen. Because you go on trying to bridge gaps about what a new bisexuals really is or isn’t needs to be done in a better way. Why not contact one and get their perspective. Hey, use our Contact Us form above and interview Bi Social Network; we’re been around for over a year now. I welcome it! Ask for Adrienne Williams. Because right now, from the bisexuality perspective, there isn’t any new bisexual, you are now just looking at all the real facets of our community.

What Bi Social Network Wants to do!
As a social community site, we want to hear from you! Speak your mind and give use tips, if you see an article on the internet or in print where biphobic is loud and clear! We will feature it here! You can contact us, or go to our facebook account @bisocialnetwork or tweet us @bisocialnetwork! We want to know what you are seeing out there too!

To learn more about Bisexual Resource Center, check out their website for more tips on what biphobia really looks like! You’re might be surprised!

Bisexual Ball Players Sues Gay Sports League of Biphobia

ball-playerI’m in the middle of our Bi Talk show and I’m handed information in the form on an email on, about three bisexual ex-players (LaRon Charles, Steven Apilado and Jon Russ) who are suing the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association (NAGAAA) on the bases of not being gay [enough] from the other gay teams; or as they (The league) called them—three heterosexual men.

The sad thing is that the three men repeatedly stated they were ‘bisexual and not straight.’ When asked by (NAGAAA) officials, what sexual group they batted for, one player stated, “Both.” The victim decided not to reply after an off-putting response from NAGAAA.

“This is the Gay World Series, not the Bisexual World Series.” North American Gay Amateur Athletic Association (NAGAAA) officials

Should Bisexuals Continue to Partner with Gays and Lesbian groups?
Talk about biphobia on the home team! So now, I again ask this question, should the bisexual community be apart of the gay and lesbian groups—who continue to want equal rights from the straight world, but will not recognize that bisexuals are real and alive in all society? Nor do they even understand the errors of calling bisexual men straight, as heated discussions are flying on, about being straight and not apart of the BLGT community.

Lindasusan states on

Why do people keep characterizing these men as straight when they identify as BISEXUAL? (The heterosexual label was put on them by the NAGAAA panel.) As someone pointed out, NAGAAA’s own mission statement includes bisexuals — this is clearly a case of biphobia and bisexual erasure.

I say this, as I take a quote from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I will fight for gay and equal rights for my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters to get married, when they own up to the fact that bisexuals know who we are and exist in their world!

So much for the LGBT tag line!

Bi Social Network will be following this story as it develops.

Read the full article on

Share your thoughts. What do you think of this story? Should Bisexuals continue to be apart of the gay and lesbian community? Are we beating a dead horse? We want to know!

The eHarmany Bisexual Debate at the ‘New York Times’

three peopleGot to love the hidden meaning surrounding the New York Times’ Opinion piece of “True Love for Everyone,” by Daniel Hamermesh, when he ends his article on the note: So this seems like a standard economics example of most people facing a small loss, with a few — bisexuals in this case — reaping a substantial gain.

So just to catch everyone up on this little news. eHarmony, the makers of straight love, (how I hate that site) had once upon a time—two sites for straight and the BLGT community. But seems someone was upset and sued and won the case. Now, eHarmany has no other choice but to merge the two service fees, eh, I mean sites into one! Good news right? Well turns out folks are talking outside the side of their neck of who benefits, the LGT community or more of the bisexuals! Let’s listen in shall we?

Are bisexuals really so indifferent between a long-term relationship with a man and a long-term relationship with a woman that they’d audition people of both sexes? Seriously, I don’t know the answer to that question … but the indifference seems strange to me. Maybe in dating they’d be willing to try either, but for a long-term relationship? — Phil

Where the bisexuals are at a disadvantage is that they may be seeking twice as many partners. (Two instead of one). So they deserve the break since they have a more complicated livestyle, right? Maybe they need two simultaenous long term relationships. — Dan

“bisexual people benefit alot”- this isn’t code, is it?  — frankenduf

Dan: “Where the bisexuals are at a disadvantage is that they may be seeking twice as many partners.” You are confusing bisexuality with polyamory. — KarenS

I’m not a practicing bisexual, but it automatically doubles my chances of a date on a Saturday night.” -Woody Allen — Alex

Just for the record Daniel, the use of the word ‘bisexuals’ is just one word—not with a dash—but being bi—perhaps we need the distinction! Oh, how much work there’s still left to do—from media and the general public!

BSN Celebrates Bisexual Day: Move into Activism

happy-bi-daySeptember 23rd is Bisexual Day? What are your plans to celebrate — and how can you move into activism?

As a new and upcoming bisexual site, I’m so happy to say that “we’ve come a long way baby!” Our goal has been clear from the start. Try to expose bi news more to the main stream—including lesbian and gay Web sites. We are happy that this day is a national event!

The History of Bi Day, was it Really Needed?

The account of “Bisexual Day” started back in 1999—by three bisexual rights activists named Wendy Curry, Michael Page, and Gigi Raven Wilbur. In a quote on Wikipedia, Wilbur was stated,

Ever since the Stonewall rebellion, the gay and lesbian community has grown in strength and visibility. The bisexual community also has grown in strength but in many ways we are still invisible. I too have been conditioned by society to automatically label a couple walking hand in hand as either straight or gay, depending upon the perceived gender of each person.

Bi Social News (BSN) whole-heartedly believes this declaration. Our whole mission and why we started BSN was to take back our voice—clearly without fear and continued labels to diminish our voice in the gay and straight communities.

When even one bisexual can’t say the word, it decreases our voice and stops our power, to be exactly who we are—bisexuals.

BSN mission is clear—we won’t run from it, dilute it, and cover over it, under and around it. We won’t escape from it—change the meaning of it and appease it! This is our day—my day! Seize the moment to stand up and be counted in the land of every person, race, nationality, sex and gender that goes boldly into the night proudly on their particular belief—are you?

This is the moment to speak up regardless of what team your family or friends are batting. This is the time for every teen to come to terms that they are neither gay nor straight—and are still proud to be apart of the full community. This is the time to speak out to every BLGT community that “will not” show more visibility for the “B” in LGBT! This is the time to raise your voice when others in “our” community speak against the bisexual boy, teen or man who has not come out as gay—thinking there are no real bisexual men! This is time to speak out—without fear that it’s not a “phase” or you are not trying to be cool. This is a time to speak out for the nullification of bisexual erasure in all communities. One voice, clearly, loudly and without fear—I’m bisexual!

Why Does BSN Exist?
BSN feels that there needs to be more representation regarding the bisexual community. BSN feels that many are demising their voices; because of fear of the term “Bisexual or Bi” due to the unfavorable connotation that it brings any given individual. We are proud to be associated with the term and will use it without fail to state the nature of our voice. Though, we welcome all—regarding content and news worthy stories—this site is a bisexual site, and we are so proud of this fact, and glad to be apart of the full spectrum of our community.

Your voice is our voice; your cause is our cause. “Speak out. Live out. Voice out. Be heard.”

Got Bisexual Bars?

bisexual barSo as I go out and look for ways to socialize, I realise that there is nothing made for me — yes, I can go to a straight bar and mingle, or head to my local gay bar, one  block from my house — but I find something missing, someone like me!

I’m not lesbian, I’m not gay – but there are no bisexual bars that we can feel at home. Gay men can go out and find someone like them, and feel some sense of calm. Lesbians can go to their local lipstick, sports bar or everything in between and get their groove on and find that special person.

Where can a bisexual go?

Rants of the Bisexualist Begins…

The Bisexualist movement has begun. Join Bi Social News (BSN) as we shed light on this deep dark secret, regarding how the LGBT communities want the “B” out of gay and lesbian lives.

My name is Adrienne Williams — I’m the owner of Bi Social News (BSN). I call myself a bisexualist, which means and advocate for bisexual causes, and I’m pissed off! “What about you ask?” We at BSN have started a movement. Our goals will be to pull out of the closet the biphobia that exist in the straight, gay and lesbian worlds. Wait a minute, I included gay and lesbian but didn’t add transgender. Well, I haven’t personally had issues with the transgender community — denying that I’m not real or confused; lying and need to be wiped off the face of the earth — that my friend, have come from the gay and lesbian community. And sorry to say, it’s been happening even more this year.

The very community, that wants legal marriage and as one op-ed piece in the Chicago Free Press by the name of Jennifer Vanasco screams in her column — “The truth is that gays and lesbians are Americans. And like the rest of America, we are hurting.” Fair to say this time, she was discussing the topic of President Obama, and the gay and lesbian vote that wants action in the years ahead. But notice what’s missing? Ah, yes, the ‘B’ and the ‘T’ in that statement. Well to be clear, many times in the gay and lesbian publications around the nation, they are erasing the ‘B’ out of their articles. For that matter their papers, newsletters, magazines, and media.

When was the last time you read a great coming out bisexual story? What about a love story on LOGO® regarding real bisexual men and women — confessing their love to the world and each other? Nada, zippo, niche.  Because the truth of the matter, not one gay and lesbian magazine, that I have read in my 15-years of being out and proud, has there been much about anything dealing with bisexual issues in clear definition.

Well, BSN, is here to change all that. We are starting a movement to call out, show up, educate and denounce anyone, and I mean anyone, that is trying to misrepresent the bisexual population.

Will BSN be confrontational?
When BSN needs to be – we are here to shed light on the elephant in the room.

Will BSN try to go for the truth?
Always, our goal is to bring all communities together, for the good of the whole community. We want all bisexual, lesbian, transgender, gay, pansexual, asexual and queer people, to feel they belong and are apart of the community. It won’t happen until we root out this infection that has been lying dormant, in the closet — as it is between our communities, at this very moment.

It ends now, the moment is now.

“We’ll be watching.”