Shall We Dance?

danceI guess it was inevitable.  I bought the pickup truck almost a year ago.  I baptized ‘him’ Lyle, my six-cylinder beau.  At the same time, I began listening in earnest to WUMB, the local folk station–which has plenty of country music as well–so the next step had to be dancing.  This past Saturday, that’s exactly what it was.

I had gotten an email from a friend a few days beforehand asking me if I liked to dance and wanted to go out to an event put on by Gays for Patsy, a Boston-based BLGT Country/Western dance association.  Well, I’ve always wanted to learn to dance so this seemed like the opportune moment to go beyond disco-floor freestyle and that waltz I learned in high school so I could competent at weddings.

I had no idea what to expect and I was a little fried from having put in a whole day of work, which actually meant I went in with a completely open mind and had no energy to worry about whether I had two left feet or not.  Happily, there was a lesson before the dance began and I was able to grasp the rudiments of the two-step for the evening’s festivities.

You may be wondering who danced with whom and indeed the floor was filled with same-sex couples as well with some mixed-sex pairings.  When the two-step was being taught, the instructor referred to the positions of the dancers as the “lead” and the “follow”.  At this soiree anyone could lead, follow or do both.  In fact we all had name tags on, writing our names in blue ink if we were leads, red if we were follows or a combination of the two if we did both.

Is this bisexual heaven, or what!

I had the pleasure both to lead and follow some very charming men and women around the dance floor.  If dances were like this when I was younger, I would have signed up for lessons years ago!  I can’t tell you how much I ate it up.

It was liberating to be on the floor without cumbersome and useless gender-role expectations being heaped upon the enjoyment of tripping the light fantastic.  It’s like a little mirror of life: sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow, and the experience teaches us different things.  Hopefully we feel safe in either case and have fun along the way.

It was also freeing to be in an environment where choice of partner was irrelevant.  It was all about music, dancing and community.  You know, the things that really matter in life.  And once you’re concentrating on what matters, you never know what will happen be it on the dance floor or in life.

I am now looking forward to the next dance.  Maybe I’ll even try a line dance.  Who knows, one of these days I may even get cowboy boots–to go with the truck of course!

By the way, if you’re interested in trying Country/Western dancing yourself, follow this link for more information and groups near you.