Contributing Columnist “Rants of the Bisexualist

Adrienne Williams is Web Producer of AJW Media which is the parent company of Bi Social News (BSN)

Adrienne is a Jolie of all trades—computers, communication, media, education and art. Adrienne decided that her life lacked some much needed luster and charity. In April of 2006, Adrienne decided to start her own company called AJW Media (formally called AJW Consulting Media), which deals with online new media, technology and social issues.

To stay up on current 2.0 technologies, Adrienne devotes her time to Blogging and has written political, social and political articles for a major national online newspaper; such as the Huffington Post and writes as a freelance writer—as an online Examiner for Adrienne also divides her time to pop culture social issues, political causes, such as Mental Healthcare, and volunteered for two years in the last presidential election.

Giving Back
Adrienne has also donated her time and money to causes that she feels is of benefit to the global world. Depression Is Real, Habitat for Humanity, Autism Speaks, SAGE, GLAAD, and the Arthritis Foundation. She now is focused on the homeless community and feeds the homeless every Tuesday and helps the BLGT community with technology at Center on Halsted; and will partner and help run a bisexual social program coming in January of 2010.

“Meeting Bill Clinton (Author of Giving) changed my life when he came here to Chicago. In that moment when I was inching my way to meet the man that changed a nation; I realized he was most happy now, in this time, giving hope, giving advice, giving to the needs of others and yes, we were dancing to the sounds of Motown; but in that moment — I knew the end of 2007 was the beginning of a whole new life in giving back!”

Adrienne is now writing two books on homeless issues and the Enneagram and working on her other passion—Tall Expression, a site devoted to women over 5′9″ inches tall.


List of BSN Interns

Peter Ruggiero
Contributing Columnist“None But Ourselves
Peter Ruggiero is an educator living and working in the Boston area. Peter has a background in ESL/bilingual education and management, and has worked as an instructor, teacher, trainer, translator, and consultant. During 1998 through 2001, Peter served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cote d’Ivoire (West Africa), where he worked on urban environmental issues.  Peter has also lived in France and worked in Italy, and speaks fluent French and Italian.

Out as bisexual since his undergraduate days, Peter served on the board of the Bisexual Resource Center for two years.  He is a member of BiNetUSA and the Bi Writers Association, and a planner of the Putting the B in the GLBT Summit in New York City.  Peter also continues his environmental activism by volunteering with the Massachusetts Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Maria (Mizz M)
Contributing Writer

Maria (nicknamed Mizz M) is a 30 year-old bisexual and currently recovering from a chronic illness and working on getting her life back. She has known about her sexual orientation since she was 14 years old, but just came out in early 2008. Maria has come out only to most of her friends and some in the BLGT community—but working on it. Maria lives and works in the Washington DC area, and is active in the BLGT communities there. She enjoys reading, swimming, being involved in health advocacy, politics, bisexuality and LGTPIAQQ rights. She also enjoys movies, friends, socializing, learning, meeting new people and trying new things.

Maria will be writing on topics ranging from coming out—bisexuality in pop culture and the image of bisexuality in gay and straight communities.