April is STD Awareness Month

stdWe’ve all heard the statistics. We all know that HIV/AIDS is an epidemic. We all know that other STD’s are out there and that it’s dangerous. But let’s face it–sex feels good. Let’s get down to brass tacks, we’re not likely to stop having it–gay, straight, or bisexual, we’re always going to want the pleasure of sex. So, if in the face of diseases that can kill, we’re not going to stop having sex then what do we do? What and where is the balance?

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. To that end, April is STD Awareness month. And as part of the Get Yourself Tested campaign, the Centers for Disease control and prevention have launched a campaign to raise awareness of and to normalize routine STD testing. The STD Awareness microsite (linked above) is full of useful information and resources to raise awareness. Such as the fact that half of all new STD infections occur in 15-24 year olds, many of whom have no symptoms.

Living in a world where dedicating and entire month to STD awareness speaks to the need to spread the word–to let knowledge be the infection that we spread. It has to be about more than condoms and safe sex and all the rhetoric that we’ve all heard. It has to be about community and support. The BLGT community is one of the most vociferous groups in existence. It is my recommendation that voices become raised and knowledge becomes shared. I hope you’ll all join me in not only getting tested, but also supporting anyone in your circle of friends and anyone in your family that wants or needs to get tested.