BSN Starts New Format with ‘Bi Talk’ Radio

If you  missed our first co-hosted radio show called “Bi Talk,” don’t despair—it goes into podcast mode after 15 minutes of our live programming, where you can catch all the hot bi topics and dish that was discussed!

Peter Ruggiero and Adrienne Williams are the new bi duo—along with Maria who will be following all the action via chat, to answer your most heated questions and comments!

This is the beginning of a whole new Bi Social News! Why not get in on the action and let your bi voice be heard!

You can also go to iTunes and download our podcast under Bi Social News.

Catch the latest podcast streaming audio right now!

BSN: Celebrating a Year of Bi Programing

coupleI want to take this time to thank everyone who has made Bi Social News (BSN) what it is today. December 1, 2009 will be our first year anniversary (wow)—I had to check the Website domain expiration date on that one! But I can’t believe we’ve come so far!

Moving Into a New Direction

Our readership has grown from 198 hits a Month to almost 10,000 and growing! It’s because of your commitment to see more bisexual content, news, entertainment and hot topics that are keeping us moving in the right direction.

We have received many emails thanking us, wanting us to go farther, hit heated topics, more bi radio programming, more bi activist interviews, more bi entertainers and just more in general. We heard you and 2010 will be packed with all that you asked for. BSN is an interactive Blog—but more than that, it’s a place were we focus on entertainment news, social issues, politics and everything in between. It’s about people, ideas, removing bias about teens, bi men, women, people of color and everything which says—bisexuals don’t exist!

Why Does BSN Exist?

When I started this project, I wanted to go to a place where I read and connected to topics which concerned me and our issues. Why were the Lesbian and Gay communities removing themselves from the bi community? Why, when I went to a gay or lesbians bar, it felt like I wasn’t wanted or welcomed? Why are bi men discounted, dismissed and disowned? I created this site for you, for me, for all of us to counter the media that is coming full steam ahead that we don’t exist!

Social Status

We started a social media network on facebook, twitter, myspace and pinterest.  We’ve been featured in great BLGT communities like Logo, BiNet, Bi Women Boston and Queer United, who started it all for BSN and gave us a shout-out! (Thanks!) We started back on track with Bi Talk Radio and started partnerships with Fence Sitter Films, Queer/Bi Meetup andCenter on Halsted (COD) (2010, more to come on COH) Thanks for supporting us!

Thanking the Many

The job is big, the need is great, and BSN is ready for the challenge—but I alone didn’t get here all by myself. Without the great work of our Contributing Writers—Peter, Maria, Adam and others who are about to come on board in the next few weeks, I want to thank you! Your passion for thinking outside of the box, your commitment to seeing BSN grow and become something bigger than yourself is a testament to your drive for the cause and your need for change! I love each and everyone of you! With your help, bi-erasure will soon be but a distance memory.

Thank you interviewees, the sponsors now and in the future and last but not least, thank you for your readership each and every day that you come to our little world and learn something new and fresh on our sites! We love you, and keep coming back, share our articles with others in our community and anyone that are supporters. Support bi writers, and movies, events and companies that cater to the bisexual needs! Shop on bi sites, (like this one, see BSN Store) and give back by donating to groups like this and others that can’t do it alone! You want bi programming (See Donate button on top)? Help everyone by keep it all going!

Mata ne… (Until next time…) “Speak out. Live out. Voice out. Be heard.”

Adrienne Williams
Bisexualist, Founder, Web Producer