Bisexual Men, Women and Couples Needed for PSA Campaign

man-with-cameraBi Social Network is looking for attractive | sexy | geeky | cool | shy | tattooed, and anything in between men, women and couples who would like to join a movement of bi-visibility. If you want to help us showcase a world where bisexuals exist in all age groups, colors and walks of life—please contact us and share your stories.

Who are Needed?
You must be over 18 years-old or older. We are looking for any age group, race and nationality—famous or non to join this campaign. Individuals must be bisexual to be apart of this campaign.

If you are a couple, one person must be bisexual. We are looking for all types of couples, interracial, opposite-sex and same-sex men and women. The campaign will be a year long effort (2010-11) to showcase bi-visibility.

Do We Pay?
It depends on membership/sponsorship, right now we are looking for volunteers. If you want to volunteer for this cause, the persons selected will get a nice Bi Social Network t-shirt, a meal (If you live in Chicago) and recognition. We will also use any models for future paid adverts and campaigns, if selected.

What sort of campaign will this be?
This will be a campaign in two or three phases; photography, storytelling and/or video.

Where will this take place?
The head office is in Chicago, but if you know a photographer and can submit images as directed, you can join in this campaign. Also, you will be featured for an interview and on our Website.

Photographers or Inspired Video Gods
If you want a cause to join, why not come on board and lend a hand to this movement. We will feature you on Bi Social Network (Bi Talk Radio) and get your name out there. Help us help you! Together we can make a different in the lives of young and old alike.

Please join us and tell a friend to join this cause, together we can make a different in the lives of all bisexuals who feel invisible. Stay-tuned for more information.

BTLG Events Around the World

Here are some local, national and international BTLG events happenings in your area and beyond.

March 21-28
Happy Gay SkiWeek
Tignes, France
Target: Gay men

March 25-29
OutBoard (Snowboarding Festival)
Keystone, CO
303/ 325-5612
Target: Lesbian & Gay

March 31-April 5
Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend
Palm Springs, CA
888/ 44-DINAH
Target: Bisexual & Lesbian