Monthly Bisexual Movie Pick, ‘Straight’

straightSo, July is all about starting the summer off just right, so why not start a new feature in showcasing the hottest, sexiest—bi candy we can find at TLA Video for your pleasure.

Each month we will try to bring you something different, someting eh indie and something bisexual. We might even throw in a straight or gay film in the mix, if it’s something we think you should check out! After all, we’re bisexual, we like it all!

This months pick is Straight.

Enjoy the ride!

Review from TLA Videos*

Full of verve and totally juiced, this highly effective film was shot on the gritty streets of the Neukoelln section of Berlin in just 12 days. Straight is the story of a messy love triangle between two men and a woman. Nazim (Eralp Uzun) is a hot young Turkish guy involved in petty crime. He goes out each night with his buddies, cruising for girls and dealing drugs in a seedy city square populated with hookers. None of his buddies suspect that on many of those nights he ends up in the arms of men. Since he met David (Florian Sonnefeld) on the street, his hetero façade is rapidly crumbling. His friends seem to pick up on the new vibe and wonder what’s up. David is from a bourgeois Jewish family and slumming it. He hangs out on the street pretending to look for drugs, but what he really wants is Nazim. Their first hookup is alternately hot, tender and filled with guilt. Nevertheless, their affair develops in secret against all odds. Further entangling things is David’s Polish-German girlfriend (Beba Ebner), who is revolting against her strict Catholic upbringing by going out with this punkish Jewish boyfriend. But she doesn’t have a clue about who he truly is. One of the few truly bisexual films we come across, this edgy German drama literally pulses with sexual energy. Scott Cranin

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About the Contributor: Adrienne Williams:

Adrienne Williams founded Bi Social Network in December of 2008, which showcases niche bisexual content in entertainment, social media, publishing, workshops and events. Adrienne also produces a monthly radio show called ‘Bi Talk’ and is reaching out to the community, to promote a year long Bi-visibility PSA Campaign effort; to educate the public on issues surrounding bisexuality and to bring tolerance and understanding to all.