Valentine’s Day: A Personal Reflection!

new yearAs folks are getting ready to get down and funky with their loved ones, lovers and hookups…I thought, I would find the perfect video to share with our readers—the love I have for this holiday i.e., Valentine’s Day.

Because I hate this holiday more than life itself, what better way to share my single lady viewpoint via video! Enjoy this day, if you are coupled up or single!

Singles, go out there and share with the world all your joy and brilliance that makes you, you!

Now go out there and get business with it, with your fine selves!

Couples, go forth and be safe!

Bi Social News: Wishes Our Readers a Happy New Year!

happy-new-yearBSN want to thank all our readers and members that come here every day, week or month to read up on the latest bisexual information—whether it’s entertainment, news, bi candy or politics and opinion, we are happy and honored that you continue to stand by us as we grow, change and reach into 2010—which will be even better!

BSN Partners with Center on Halsted
Our goal is clear; we envision bi programming on a national level. 2010 brings even more great exposure, as BSN has teamed up with Center on Halsted that will be chalked with bi events threes nights a Month in Chicago. This is a huge undertaking, and COH took a leadership role in making sure bisexuals will be counted in 2010 and beyond. We are happy that BSN will be a partner in this idea of showcasing more events around our fair city, and as we show the world—that the “B” really matters in the LGT community. If you live in Chicago and would like to help make these events happen by volunteering, please drop me an email at Together we can make a difference.

The Bisexualist Road of Debate
Whether you are for bisexual or an ally, this moment is important. We might not agree on every idea of our lives like Obama and DOMA, if Lady Gaga is a great bi role model for the community or where the BLGT movement should be going in 2010—but our voices do matter and should be heard nonetheless—which ever the position. Our interactive Blog gives us this platform. We are always looking for Bloggers and Columnists that want to reach out, give back to the community and share their voice. Come join us!

Supporting the Bi Community
I have stated this before, the Lesbian and Gay community support, sponsor and give back in ways of volunteering, donations and time. BSN is no different! If you want bi programming to continue, though our content is free—it takes time, money and passion to keep this going. If you noticed we have a new tool where everyone can give a subscription donation [on the home page] to the cause. We are a for-profit company, so any amount will go into helping our current writers write, helping us gain more dynamic writers. Keep out site moving in a positive direction and giving you more products, Bi radio, a store, interviews, and beyond our imagination. The road is only going to get wider—we need your help to get there!

As we more into 2010, I can’t wait to get started and continue to move bisexual content into the 21 century! From all of us at BSN—may you have a happy and safe New Year!

Adrienne Williams

Founder of Bi Social News!

Proud and Out Bisexual Teacher Commitment Ceremony

Seems there are bisexual men after all, (although Bi Social News knew this). A 32-year-old math teacher invited his class and their parents to his commitment ceremony to his life partner.

Many would think he was gay, but in fact – he’s bisexual and proud of it –or as his students were quoted as saying.

Twelve year-old Japhet Guuzman, “He’s not gay”

Another student concurs, by saying, “He’s not gay. He’s bisexual. Why don’t you ask him?”

BSN mission is to bring all type of bisexual stories, its nice to know — that there are positive bisexuals being bold and speaking out about their sexuality! Thank you Chance Nalley!

If you have a story you would like BSN to feature, email us at to get the word out!