Torchwood Team Draws Seasoned SciFi Veterans

torchwood-miracle In a recent story; details ofTorchwood: The New World were revealed and anticipation has already begun to build. Now, as we crawl steadily closer to the 2011 premier of the continuing story or our favorite bisexual hero–Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman)–more information is here.

Torchwood’s creator, executive producer and head writer: Russell T. Davies has begun to tighten up his writing team for the ten episode story told in Torchwood: The New World. It isn’t clear yet how many episodes Davies will be writing himself–though with five years of Doctor Who and three series of Torchwood combined with the notoriety of Queer as Folk on his resume, fans are most certainly looking forward to what he will offer next.

Davies will be joined by writers from across the Sci-fi and drama realm. The list of writers for Series 4 includes John Shiban, noted for writing episodes of Breaking Bad, Supernatural and most especially noted by sci-fi fans as a Supervising Producer on The X-Files as well as a co-executive producer for Star Trek: Enterprise. Also joining the team is Doris Egan. Doris is noted for writing episodes of House (which also features a prominent bisexual character) Tru Calling and Dark Angel. Jane Espenson adds more flavor to the team, noted for writing for Caprica, Battlestar Galactica and BLGT favorite Buffy: The Vampire Slayer (the character Willow was openly bisexual and in a recent comic book expansion, Buffy herself is revealed to be bisexual). Last but not least, John Fay–a Torchwood writer from the show’s UK run–rounds out the team of announced writers.

The writing team is already hard at work on the next series of Torchwood which is set to air in 2011 on Starz.