Stamping out Biphobia One ‘Bi Rant’ Article at a Time

female-gay-couplesChicago—Living in Chicago, seeing division is an everyday life occurrence. If you are straight, you only go to straight bars or events. If you’re gay, you only go to gay bars and events. If you’re lesbian, you only go to women only bars and events, and if you’re a gay or lesbian, bisexual or transgender, who happens to be of color—you might only go to a place that has people of color at the event.

Round-and-around, we continue to want to separate ourselves to people like us—but is it a good thing? That’s a debate the BLGT community is starting to have. From black bisexual baseball players that just want to eh, play some ball. To bisexuals on the internet; speaking out on fitting into the gay and lesbian community, or not—and to the ‘new bisexual’ topics cropping up all over gay and lesbian publications? What’s going on that our own community is attacking the bisexual community who want to be seen, like everyone else?

What is the New Bisexual?
After just having a radio show talking about baseball and heckling the President of the United States, I wanted to relax at my favorite local restaurant (Heartland Café) and read the current BLGT publication of Chicago Free Press (CFP). As I often do, I like to check out what’s happening in our community, see if there’s any bisexual article, which mostly is far and few between, but low and behold there’s one called “The new bisexuals,” by my not to favorite opinion columnist Jennifer Vanasco. Every time I read anything dealing with bisexuality from her, she goes on topic of “bar bisexual,” or anything of that area when speaking to lesbians—about what it means to be a true bisexual, if at all

I wonder if those self-identifying girls call themselves bisexual because they’re actually attracted to women or because they think it’s sexier—and cooler—to calling  themselves bisexual and occasionally kiss girls for show.

What Does Biphobia Look Like?
This is straight from “Bisexual Resources Center, a great bisexual activist non-profit telling it like it is.

…”Thinking that people identify as bisexual because it ‘trendy.”

Now, the funny thing is is that this article was supposedly trying to get lesbians to see our point-of-view. Well, at the end of it, I found what Vanasco was trying to say, right at the last paragraph.

But what I do know is that: The LGBT community hasn’t always been great about welcoming and reaching out to and understanding supporting bisexuals. But if we want this flood of young women to support us, this has got to change. — Jennifer Vanasco

See my point? Vanasco doesn’t even understand that this very article is biphobic in the worse way. New bisexuals are just being “trendy. ’It talks all about ‘new bisexuals’ as if they are cropping out from the ground and becoming band new babies the BLGT community can love and take into the fold. You know, I now see you, that you might be real, just oh, a bit misguided and need help from the gay and lesbian community to set you on the right path. What the Fuck!

Vanasco listen. Because you go on trying to bridge gaps about what a new bisexuals really is or isn’t needs to be done in a better way. Why not contact one and get their perspective. Hey, use our Contact Us form above and interview Bi Social Network; we’re been around for over a year now. I welcome it! Ask for Adrienne Williams. Because right now, from the bisexuality perspective, there isn’t any new bisexual, you are now just looking at all the real facets of our community.

What Bi Social Network Wants to do!
As a social community site, we want to hear from you! Speak your mind and give use tips, if you see an article on the internet or in print where biphobic is loud and clear! We will feature it here! You can contact us, or go to our facebook account @bisocialnetwork or tweet us @bisocialnetwork! We want to know what you are seeing out there too!

To learn more about Bisexual Resource Center, check out their website for more tips on what biphobia really looks like! You’re might be surprised!