The eHarmany Bisexual Debate at the ‘New York Times’

three peopleGot to love the hidden meaning surrounding the New York Times’ Opinion piece of “True Love for Everyone,” by Daniel Hamermesh, when he ends his article on the note: So this seems like a standard economics example of most people facing a small loss, with a few — bisexuals in this case — reaping a substantial gain.

So just to catch everyone up on this little news. eHarmony, the makers of straight love, (how I hate that site) had once upon a time—two sites for straight and the BLGT community. But seems someone was upset and sued and won the case. Now, eHarmany has no other choice but to merge the two service fees, eh, I mean sites into one! Good news right? Well turns out folks are talking outside the side of their neck of who benefits, the LGT community or more of the bisexuals! Let’s listen in shall we?

Are bisexuals really so indifferent between a long-term relationship with a man and a long-term relationship with a woman that they’d audition people of both sexes? Seriously, I don’t know the answer to that question … but the indifference seems strange to me. Maybe in dating they’d be willing to try either, but for a long-term relationship? — Phil

Where the bisexuals are at a disadvantage is that they may be seeking twice as many partners. (Two instead of one). So they deserve the break since they have a more complicated livestyle, right? Maybe they need two simultaenous long term relationships. — Dan

“bisexual people benefit alot”- this isn’t code, is it?  — frankenduf

Dan: “Where the bisexuals are at a disadvantage is that they may be seeking twice as many partners.” You are confusing bisexuality with polyamory. — KarenS

I’m not a practicing bisexual, but it automatically doubles my chances of a date on a Saturday night.” -Woody Allen — Alex

Just for the record Daniel, the use of the word ‘bisexuals’ is just one word—not with a dash—but being bi—perhaps we need the distinction! Oh, how much work there’s still left to do—from media and the general public!